Hi-Tech Liquid Floc

Gathers up everything in suspension and most of whats dissolved and binds it all together so that the particles are too large to get through the filter-elements.. will give you a cleaner blend .. should be agitated and then left alone to sit for 1 1/2 hours (you will get even better results if you treat the "Save " drum first so that it sits overnight or longer) will extend the life of the ARU-2000 and extend the life of your filter-elements .. use 1/4 gallon per 55 gallon drum ..a great long-term pretreatment..

There still seems to some confusion aboutthe proper way to use our liquid flocing agent...so here goes...

Directions for use: Use 1/4 gallon of "Hi-Tech Fast Floc" to a 55 gallon drum of used antifreeze to be recycled...agitate...let set for 1 1/2 hours (overnight will achieve even better results)...check to make sure floc is settled...if there is any floating at the top of the fluid level...agitate top only and allow to settle to the bottom...recycle with ARU pulling from the top of the fluid level to the bottom of the fluid level .. leave the last few inches of fluid in the bottom of the drum..
Pretreat "Save Used Antifreeze Here" drum while still empty with 1/4 gallon of "Fast Floc"...agitate...use ARU and recycle in the above described manner...recycle within 60 days of pretreating the drum..
After you have recycled from the "SaveUsed Antifreeze Here" drum...dispose of the sludge ..rinse out the "Save Drum" and start over again..

Use contents within 60 days of opening container to assure maximum potency..


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