~ Hi-Tech Powdered Floc ~

A lot faster than our liquid floc .. 15 to 20 minutes and you're done..
must be agitated vigorously with an agitation devise .. great for all oils
(saturated or suspended) and all metals (suspended or dissolved)
improves clarity and will extend the life of the ARU-2000 Clear All
Finishing Attachment as well as your filter-elements .. use 1 8oz. cup per
55 gallon drum...

1)-Agitate at a "low roil" while adding 1 cup of powdered floc (8oz. cup)
spreading evenly over the top of the fluid level of an open-topped 55
gallon drum and let agitate for 10 minutes...

2)- Discontinue agitation and let settle for 7 - 10 minutes..

3)- With the "pre-filter" attached to the inlet hose..put the flocked fluid
through the ARU ...If the floc came to the top ...pull from the bottom...if
the floc went to the bottom...pull from the top ...either way shut off the
ARU when you start to suck up the sludge..

4)- Dispose of used sludge into customers waste oil barrel (it will be
mostly encapsulated oil )
..or dispose of in the same way you dispose of
your used recycling filters... Always follow local waste disposal regs..

Rules of Thumb:

Always remove as much of the suspended oil as possible before starting..you are always better off with an open topped drum to work out of...and don't forget your pre-filter..

If you feel you have enough powdered floc in the batch but the floc isn't
as heavy as you think it should be from the appearance of the level of
contamination...allow the batch to settle for 5 minutes..then give it 2
minutes more of vigorous agitation..this can be repeated as necessary ...using this product is more of an art than a science..

An air stone or shower head hooked onto an air hose and attached to a small air compressor, or a large paint stirrer attached to an electric drill
motor, or a small "John Boat" electric motor should do the trick for an
agitation devise...

The floc will go to the bottom unless you have a lot of oil or use too much
air pressure for agitation with low air pressure the floc will usually go to the bottom...

The amount of floc you need can vary on the amount of contaminants present in the waste, 1 cup full will usually do the trick for a 55 gallon drum.. try a second cup full when you see an extreme contamination level

For shop use make yourself a "Drip Disposal Barrel"...suspend a 16" 25
micron bag filter into a hole cut in the top of a 30 gallon drum...liquid
drips from the used floc through the bag into the drum...bag dries
hard..dispose in landfill...re use the bag...when "Drip Disposal Barrel"
gets full...put the fluid through the ARU and adjust chemically...

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