Antifreeze Recycling -
the only option that makes cents...

* Cut Coolant Costs

* Eliminate Disposal Fees

* No Environmental Liability

* Eliminate Buying Recycling Equipment

* Help Clean Up The Environment

* Start An Antifreeze Recycling Service

* Rent The Unit Out

* Ready-To-Use Premix Solution

* Comes With Everything You Need To Start Recycling Now !!

* Recycle A 55 Gallon Drum in About 30 Minutes

* Perform Cooling System Services

* No Flushing Tees Or Weak Spots Left In The Cooling System

* Optimum Freeze And Corrosion Protection

* Full Support From The Factory

* A True Profit Center

* Stay Environmentally Legal

* Turn Waste Antifreeze Into Profits

* Recycle Anywhere !!

* Wear Your New Environmentally Friendly Image In Your Community With Pride....

CALL 800-553-0509 NOW !!

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