~ ARU All- Spec Fortifier ~

-For use in either ethylene-glycol or propylene-glycol coolants-

Low Silicate - No Phosphates

Independent research labs have confirmed that as long as the used
antifreeze is properly pretreated, free of any incompatible foreign
materials and the freeze point is in spec ... ARU All-Spec Fortifier will
meet or beat the following spec #'s....

ASTM D-3306
ASTM D-4985
ASTM D-4340
JI Case-JIC-501
Ford -ESE M97B44-A
Ford - ESE M97B18-C
Chrysler - MS-7170
American Motors - AM-4085
John Deere - H-5
Navistar -B-1(86-008G0)
Mack Truck - 014-GS-17004
Cummins - 85T8-2
Detroit Diesel-GM-1899M

ARU All-Spec Fortifier delivers superior performance and protection in all types of engines - diesel and gasoline: aluminum as well as conventional metal construction.

Although ARU All-Spec Fortifier has been formulated to meet or exceed the demanding requirements of sophisticated heavy duty diesel engines, it is economically attractive for use as a conventional passenger car and light truck antifreeze inhibitor for antifreeze that has been recycled through the ARU system.

ARU All-Spec Fortifier is sold in 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums ... you will need 32 oz. per 55 gallon drum to properly reinhibit the recycled antifreeze.

Directions for use: After pretreating, recycling and adjusting the freeze
point of the recycled antifreeze to -34 degrees F ... use 32 oz. of ARU
All- Spec Fortifier per 55 gallon drum.. the pH should be between
9.5 and 11.. if not adjust as necessary ..

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